Given the wide range of applications for shrink discs, we’ve always offered a wide range of sizes. But sometimes, you may need a bigger model than what we carry. In these cases, we’ll customize one of our standard shrink discs to fit your needs—which is exactly what we did for an industrial gearbox company in Brazil.

The company recently consulted us for a shrink disc that had to fit a 900-mm hollow shaft. Due to the large size, we customized one of our standard shrink discs—all while meeting the company’s requirements for high torque and fast production turnaround. The resulting shrink disc is now the largest shrink disc installed in Brazil.

Read on to learn how we created a larger-than-life version of one of our standard locking devices:

Gearbox Challenges and Solutions

To fit the 900-mm hollow shaft, we opted to specially design our RfN 4181 Series of heavy-duty shrink discs, which includes an additional guide mechanism on the inner ring for maximum torque transmission.

To ensure the shrink disc would safely stand up to the high-torque demands of the gearbox, we paid special attention to the quality of the raw materials. We also selected machining tools that would get the job done on a timeline and budget that fit the customer’s needs. As a result, we reduced our standard manufacturing time to only ten weeks.

Excitingly, this shrink disc is now the largest shrink disc installed in Brazil.

Shrink Discs in a Nutshell

Shrink discs are keyless external locking devices. Compared to keyed devices, shrink discs are fast and easy to install. They also offer an even distribution of locking forces. Once you place this device over the hub and shaft, simply tighten the locking screws. This draws the disc’s outer and inner thrust rings together—compressing the hub tightly around the shaft. Our standard shrink discs are available with IDs between 14–500 mm.

To learn more about our shrink disc locking devices, visit our product page.

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