Creating the perfect hollow shaft connection in gearbox applications isn’t easy. You need to maintain strict dimensional tolerances between the solid and hollow shafts—a process that requires precise, yet costly machining.

Our Smart-Lock set overcomes these challenges. It provides a firm, yet flexible connection with clearances up to 0.2 mm. Thanks to its user-friendly, economical design, you can easily achieve maximum torque with minimal time, effort and cost.

Let’s take a closer look at Smart-Lock:

The Design

Smart-Lock is a flexible, economical hollow shaft connection—achieving dimensional tolerances up to 0.2 mm and torque up to 5,600 Nm without additional machining. Thanks to its system of interchangeable cylindrical bushings, you can use one gearbox alongside a range of shaft sizes—all without ever having to change your shaft or shrink disc.

Smart-Lock offers a number of advantages:

Lower costs. By utilizing interchangeable bushings for different shaft sizes, Smart-Lock requires few spare parts, lowering your inventory costs up to 70 percent. It also works with cold-drawn shafting up to H11 tool steel. As a result, you can utilize cost-effective, commercially available materials without any additional machining.

Simple, speedy and safe installation. Smart-Lock operates with our shrink disc technology, which locks the bushings and shafts together using its series of tapered thrust rings. The resulting mechanical fit guarantees the highest degree of safety while making installation and removal quick and easy.

Other notable features:

  • Dimensional tolerances up to 0.2 mm
  • Transmissible torque: 580–5,600 Nm
  • Diameters: 25–70 mm
  • Eight adaptor bushing sizes for shaft outside diameters 44–90 mm

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