If you want to use Locking Assemblies under bending loads, then it’s important to select a model that is designed for just that.

How Traditional Locking Assemblies Fail
If you pick a conventional two-piece Locking Assembly, then you risk failure in two ways. First, under bending loads, the barrel makes contact with the Locking Assembly flange, stretching the screws cyclically. And second, the loads can cause the Locking Assembly to lose contact with the shaft.

In cases where you have bending loads, we have a family of Locking Assemblies that avoid the failure modes associated with conventional two-piece units. In addition to the 7012, we offer an entire line of Locking Assemblies designed for extreme bending loads.

We optimized these devices in terms of their material strength, surface quality and internal tension to effectively prevent shaft breakage, axial migration or plastic deformation in belt drum applications, which often involve massive bending loads. Our backlash-free, friction-fit Locking Assemblies ensure the highest possible operational reliability, all while offering ease of handling and freedom from wear and maintenance.

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