The Proven Reliability of the FEA Fail-Safe Spring Set Electromagnetic Clutch

When developing fail-safe systems for precise, delicate or heavy-duty machine applications, components that deliver extreme reliability and high performance are invaluable. The FEA Fail-Safe Spring Set Electromagnetic Clutch features a durable design with high-strength components to provide high torque in a compact, easy-to-install, completely assembled package. 

Our FEA unit is a spring-applied, positive-acting electric clutch with high-repeatability. A powerful electromagnetic force disengages the discs to provide a low-drag neutral, and the radial magnetic flux path provides maximum torque throughout the clutch’s lifespan. To extend the clutch’s lifespan even further, a unique, adjustable end-plate design facilitates easy wear compensation.

Suitable for Rugged Applications

The FEA’s coil is sealed within a stationary housing — enabling operation in both wet and dry environments — that is supported by ball bearings. For additional protection, internal compressive forces are contained within the clutch and not transmitted through the bearings. With a focus on dependability, the FEA’s design contains no levers, cams or other highly stressed parts. 

Because there are few moving parts and no slip rings, brushes or complex wiring that make repair difficult, this clutch can be rebuilt without requiring any special tools. Like all of our electromagnetic clutches, the FEA is precision-engineered and undergoes thorough testing to ensure proven, dependable performance across a diverse range of applications.

Standard Features

  • Torque range: 12-750 pound-feet.
  • Positive engagement and disengagement at any speed.
  • Exclusive long-life floating discs pack for low heat, low neutral drag and consistent release.

Easily Customized

We dedicate a significant portion of our production efforts to designing and manufacturing special clutches, brakes and integrated systems that are custom-tailored to exact user specifications. If you need a custom electromagnetic clutch solution, we have the experience and skills to meet your toughest power transmission challenges. Some common modifications include increased torque or adding electronic controls to achieve different actuation and release speeds as well as acceleration and deceleration control.

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