Durable MMS/MMD Brake Minimizes Drag in Space-constrained Applications

Finding a brake that offers the necessary high torque for space-limited, heavy-duty machine applications can be a challenge. Single-disc mechanical brakes often don’t provide enough torque, while multi-disc brakes tend to be too large to fit the space. 

To meet these challenges, we developed the MMS/MMD Multiple Disc Mechanical Brake, which delivers three to six times the torque produced by single-disc mechanical brakes of the same size. This feature makes the MMS/MMD an ideal solution for high-torque, space-limited environments.

A Drag-free Neutral Design

Within the MMS/MMD, separator springs are located between each pair of inner discs. This design provides the advantage of truly floating discs, ensuring there is negligible drag and eliminating abrasion and heat generation when the brake is in neutral. Additionally, each unit features a locking plate on the disc end, with two plates on the double-type model, locking all discs against compression by the lever system.

The MMS/MMD can operate in the presence of oil, as well as in dry environments. We use strong, durable materials to extend the brake’s lifespan. For example, bronze or steel friction surface materials provide superior consistency for indexing, along with excellent torque-transmitting characteristics. 

The MMS/MMD delivers torque from 10 to 2,400 pound-feet and features a capacity of 1 to 150 horsepower. Its design enables both positive engagement and disengagement at any speed.

Easy Adjustment

Thanks to the MMS/MMD brake’s design, it’s easy to make on-line manual adjustments by temporarily loosening the lock screw on the split-type adjusting ring, and then turning the ring to achieve the desired shifting pressure. The only tool you need is a hex key wrench. To make setup quick and easy, we even ship the MMS/MMD fully assembled so it’s ready for installation upon arrival.

Customizations Available

We designed our brakes for easy customization, ensuring you receive a product that meets your exact requirements. Depending on your specifications, our engineering department will alter one of our standard brakes or design a completely new unit.

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