Get To Know Our Spring-Set AFJ Jaw Brake for Cramped Environments

Optimizing brake performance when constrained by space requirements can be a challenge. That’s why we designed the AFJ Jaw Air/Hydraulic/Pneumatic Brake to provide ideal positioning, holding and indexing performance in cramped environments. 

Compact, High Torque Output

The AFJ is a spring-set jaw brake that provides torques from 5 to 5,000 pound-feet, efficiently utilizes space and maintains positive registration between the input and output shaft. It also delivers fast disengagement times regardless of how long the brake has been engaged, and it doesn’t transmit torque when disengaged, providing a drag-free neutral. Even after long periods of engagement, the AFJ will continue to deliver fast disengagement times.

The AFJ features bi-directional operation and can withstand both wet and dry conditions. As standard, these brakes are available in a wide variety of tooth configurations to suit most indexing needs. Brake units are available with either air or hydraulic release. For functions that require specific timing, users can adjust controls to set either single- or multiple-position registration. Additionally, continuous rotor connections are available for pneumatic brake units.

Modified to Your Exact Specifications

We deliver jaw pneumatic brakes that meet a wide range of applications, and can modify any standard unit according to your exact specifications. If modifying a standard product isn’t enough, we can also design an entirely new pneumatic brake unit, ensuring you receive the exact part you need.

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